Pete Ondeng, founder of Lead Africa Foundation, is a seasoned leadership and governance consultant with over 30 years of international experience, mostly in finance and economic development. He qualified as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the United States where he began his career.  Since then, has carried out short and long-term assignments with a number of organizations in the corporate, non-profit and public sectors in over 20 countries.

Pete is an accomplished author and frequent speaker at global conferences and events. In his highly acclaimed book, Africa´s Moment, he presents his perspectives on the paradoxes of Africa’s quest to become a positive, peaceful and prosperous continent.  He is well known in Kenya for his insightful newspaper commentaries and frequent appearances on leadership and motivational forums on television. He serves on a number of corporate and non-profit boards and is an ardent supporter of charities involved in helping vulnerable and orphaned children.