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Garden Talk in Uppsala on the initiative Beyond Silos and Fragmentation

November 15th, 2021 ADF gathered a small group of highly dedicated individuals for sustainable development at the home of Ira Sundberg, Co-founder and member of the board of ADF, in Uppsala. The conversation focused on the new ADF-initiative Sustainable Development in the 21st Century - Beyond Silos and Fragmentation The guests in this conversation, besides two of the founders of ADF (Ira Sundberg and Ingvar Rönnbäck), were Paula Alvarado, Rebecca Oliver and Isak Stoddard. Paula Alvarado is Chief Strategic Communications and

Nonviolence 2021 – An Annual Forum for Activist, Movements, Organisations and Scholars

Another Development Foundation is happy to invite activists, social movements and scholars to Nonviolence 2021, November 27nd-28th, 2021 - an annual event on nonviolence in Sweden. Besides of Another Development Foundation, the event is organized by The Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation, the study association Bilda and the swedish section of Women´s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF). Partners in this collaboration are Department of Political Science, Umeå University, Center for Sami Research (Várdduo), Umeå University, Umeå Sami Association and

Dialogue with Swedish Television on Anthropocene and wicked problems

Another Development Foundation is happy for having the opportunity to have a dialogue with Swedish Television on Anthropocene, wicked problems and human survival, concepts that in itself are complex and open for many interpretation, nevertheless powerful and grounded in theoretical and empirical science. The dialogue took place on a virtual meeting June 10th 2021. Swedish Television, who is the Swedish public service television company, invite people and organisations to contribute with ideas, views, perspectives and knowledge in a dialogue they

Sustainable Development in the 21st Century – Beyond Silos and Fragmentation

Another Development Foundation has launched an initiative April 2021 that will invite people and organisations to a dialogue on how to work for sustainable development from a systemic approach and practical point of view. We call this initiative ”Sustainable Development in the 21st Century - Beyond Silos and Fragmentation” since it is a challenge for everyone to work practically and result-oriented from the basis of systemic and comprehensive approaches. We know, and recognize, that such efforts and initiative have existed

The Reality of Pornography – A Pilot Study

Another Development Foundation has, in cooperation with Unizon, Swedish Women’s Lobby, Talita and SNAF, been granted funding by Allmänna Arvsfonden (The Swedish Inheritance Fund) to conduct a six-month pilot study aimed at examining the conditions and need for a digital platform developed and run by young women with a focus on the harms of pornography. The intention is that this platform would collect, analyze and document unique knowledge on the harmful effects of pornography. It could serve as a platform

Collaboration for Democracy and Gender Justice in Kurdish Iraq

Another Development Foundation are proud that we were invited to be a cooperating partner during 2020 in the project ”International collaboration to strength democracy and gender justice in Kurdish Iraq”, financed by the Swedish Institute. The project owner and coordination organization was The International Committee for Women´s Rights (IKKR)  in collaboration with People´s Development Organization (PDO). The Chief Director of IKKR, Halala Rafi and the Senior Advisor and Project Manager Maria Pilar Reyes led and coordinated the whole project. Peter Söderström, Co-founder and

What is Another Development Foundation?

Another Development Foundation is an independent, non-profit think tank and do tank for people, places and planet earth promoting peace by peaceful means, freedom from violence, human rights, gender equality, sustainable development inluding climate justice. The foundation is based in The City of Umeå, Sweden.

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