Another Development Foundation is an independent, non-profit think tank  and do tank for people, places and planet earth promoting peace by peaceful means, respect for fundamental human rights, gender equality, freedom from violence and sustainable development where climate justice is included.

Another Development Foundation has a special interest of promoting sustainable local/regional development, even though the foundation is a platform for change agents worldwide, and should be a catalyst for change to/wards a sustainable world.

We understand planet earth as a single system – the earth system – and our epoch as Anthropscene, an epoch in which inequality is the main driver of climate change, loss of biodiversity and social problems. Fundamental changes are required to survive in the age of humans. We, as human beings, need another development.

The foundation is working with partners in the northern part of Sweden, partners in Sweden when that is feasible, as well as with partners in other countries and regions.

The foundation is based in The City of Umeå, Sweden. An office in Stockholm is also planned.