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Open Letter Calling on World Leaders to Show Long-view Leadership on Existential Threats

This open letter, organzed by The Elders and Future of Life Institute were signed by many. One of the is Ingvar Rönnbäck, Founder and Chair of the Board of Another Development Foundation. Below, you find the open letter, and a link to the letter: "The Elders, Future of Life Institute and a diverse range of co-signatories call on decision-makers to urgently address the ongoing impact and escalating risks of the climate crisis, pandemics, nuclear weapons, and ungoverned AI. Our world is

Umeå for Antiracism – How can I/we make a difference?

On February 27th 2024, the network Umeå for Antiracism invite citizens, activists and organisations to a dialogue on how civil society can work for antiracism in Umeå Municipality. Another Development Foundation is a member of this broad network and also represented as a member of a steering group for a project on how to develop capacity and mobilisation for antiracism in Umeå. The member from Another Development Foundation in the steering group is Ingvar Rönnbäck, founder and chair of the

Nonviolence – Power to Change the World

Within the project "Collective Civil Courage", Another Development Foundation have worked together with the study association Bilda, Swedish Fellowship of Reconcilliation and Härnösands People´s High School with a study material on and for nonviolence, that will be launched February 20th 2024. During the launch, we will present the new webpage and the material that have been produced during the project - a webpage and material that would be of use for activists, movements and organisations who work for social change,

Alternativs to Militarisation – Three Voices for Peace

Militarisation is a reality in today´s world, with tremendous effects for people and environment, as well as for the overall trust in the international system. The risks with militarisation are many and serious, and cannot continue since it is a existential threat to all human civilisations. Another Development Foundation work to counter militarisation in partnership with other organisations, for example within the framework of the work with the annual forum "Noviolence 202X" that was launced 2020. This partnership also provide

Garden Talk on International Relations, Global Transformations, Peace and War

On January 19th, 2024 Another Development Foundation hosted three leaders for peace to a conversation on international relations, global transformations in relation to peace, war and other global challenges. Participants in the conversation were: Agnes Hellström, former Chair of Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society who recently released her new book: "Fredsfittan - Natobeslutet som förändrade Sverige" Kerstin Bergeå, Chair of Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society Desirée Sterner, Chair of the Swedish section of Women´s International League for Peace and Freedom,

An Appeal Against the Swedish Government on their Policy for Climate Action

The founder and chair of the board of Another Development Foundation, Ingvar Rönnbäck, is one of 1 350 people from the Swedish society and different organisations who has signed an appeal published in one of the biggest daily newspapers - Aftonbladet - January 16th, 2024. The appeal is more than an appeal for the resignation of the Swedish Minister for Environment. It is an overall critique of the climate work, or lack of work, by the Swedish Government, as well

What is Another Development Foundation?

Another Development Foundation is an independent, non-profit think tank and do tank for people, places and planet earth promoting peace by peaceful means, freedom from violence, human rights, gender equality, sustainable development inluding climate justice. The foundation is based in The City of Umeå, Sweden.

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