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Dignity for Children and Youth Conference in Calgary, Canada – Participation by Meghan Donevan, Board Member of ADF

February 22nd 2023, ADF's board member Meghan Donevan participated at "Dignity for Children and Youth Conference" organized by FearIsNotLove (Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter) and the Centre for Response Based Practice. The event is one of many international events organized by Centre for Responsed Based Practice in partnership with other organisations. Meg's presentation "The pornification of childhood: Situation, responses and solutions", focused on the multiple ways in which children and youth are being harmed by the pornography industry. She clarified how

Manifestation in Umeå February 24th 2023 for Peace and Freedom in Ukraine

February 24th 2023, many events for solidarity with the people of Ukraine due to the Russian invasion a year ago took take place in Sweden Such event also took place in The City of Umeå, Sweden. A number of organisations supported this manifestation in Umeå; Swedish Peace & Arbitration Society, Friend in Umeå, Association for Ukrainians in the County of Västerbotten, Swedish Fellowship of Reconcilliation, Save the Children, Swedish Church and a number of study associations; Bilda, Sensus, ABF, NBV,

Network Meeting and Dialogue in Umeå for Sustainable Transition

Together with Swedish Church, Friends of the Earth and the study association Sensus, Another Development Foundation organized a network meeting for various social movements on sustainable transition. This is what has been communicated in the invitation: "In the challenging times we live in, broad and deep alliances are necessary. We can find common strength in an ecosocial movement for transition to sustainability based on diversity, inclusion and rights for both people and the rest of nature. How can we learn,

Will Steffen – Senior Advisor of the Foundation Died in Canberra Aged 75

Today, January 31st 2023, the board of Another Development Foundation, recieved information about the death of Will Steffen, a dear friend of us and a senior advisor of Another Development Foundation. He was a wonderful person of tremendous importance for the world as researcher in the field of Earth System Science. Today, it is a day of mourning for us at Another Development Foundation. We will miss him tremendously, and we will remember him for his compassion and intellect, as

Project on Collective Civil Courage

With support from the organisation People´s Education Council (Folkbildningsrådet), Another Development Foundation collaborates with the Study Association Bilda, Swedish Felloship of Reconcilliation and Härnösand People´s High School (Härnösands folkhögskola) on a project aimed at capacity building, collaboration and development of methods for collective civil courage. The project is connected to partnership between Another Development Foundation, the above mentioned organisations, Women´s International League for Peace and Freedeom, Department of Political Science, Umeå University, Centre for Sami Research (Varduoo), Umeå University, Umeå

Umeå for Antiracism – A Manifestation

It is obvious that racism exists in Sweden, as well as in other countries. It is even more obvious after the last election in Sweden. Racism is not a new phenomenon, and resistance against racism and mobilization for antiracism have always been there in the history of racism. Another Development Foundation was one among many organisations that supported the manifestation "Umeå for Antiracism" Saturday 8th. These were the organisers besides of ADF: Rättighetscentrum Västerbotten, Vän i Umeå, ABF, Skuggteatern, Aktion

What is Another Development Foundation?

Another Development Foundation is an independent, non-profit think tank and do tank for people, places and planet earth promoting peace by peaceful means, freedom from violence, human rights, gender equality, sustainable development inluding climate justice. The foundation is based in The City of Umeå, Sweden.

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