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Nonviolence 2023 in Ubmeje/Umeå, Sweden – October 20th-22nd

Another Development Foundation has now, together with partners, carried out Nonviolence 2023 for the fourth time, starting 2020. This years event focused on strategic analysis in relation to a broad analysis on the state of the world where some challenges and trends got specific attention; militarisation and demilitarisation, autokratisation and democratisation, extractive violence, unsustainable industrialisation and climate justice and sustainable development. The program contained opportunities for activists, organisations, movements, students and scholars to increase their knowledge, dialogue and interactions in

Sustainable Journalism in Practice – International Conference in Nairobi 2023

How can journalism contribute to a sustainable society, and how can journalism/media business be sustainable in itself, environmentally, socially and economically? Those were the main questions discussed at the conference Sustainable journalism in Practice in Nairobi, Kenya, a conference attended by one of ADF’s advisors, Kerstin Engström, associate professor in media and communication studies. Around the globe journalism is faced with the three challenges of climate change, deepening polarisation and media businesses under financial stress. These challenges make it necessary

Appeal from Adults Supporting Youth Climate Activists

August 21st 2023 - an appeal by adults supporting youth climate activists were published in one of the biggest newspapers in Sweden - Aftonbladet. The title of the appeal was "Prosecute the Oil Companies - Not Peaceful Climate Activists". It was signed by 1430 adults, above the age of thirty, with different professional affiliations, occupations and life-situations. It was also signed by two of the founders and board members of Another Development Foundation - Ingvar Rönnbäck and Peter Söderström. However,

Appeal From Researchers to The Government of Sweden

June 30th, 606 researchers from Swedish research institutions announced an appeal to the Swedish Government due to their decision from June 22nd to cut all funding for development research from Swedish Research Council. The decision by the government created a strong reaction from the research community, for example in an open appeal in one of the biggest news papers in Sweden; Aftonbladet. The founder of and chair of the board of Another Development Foundation - Ingvar Rönnbäck - was one

Garden Talk With Representatives for Kenyan Lake Frontiers Counties

The founder of Another Development Foundation, Ingvar Rönnbäck, was happy to host representatives for Kisumu, Siaya, Homa Bay, Busia and Migori County, Kenya, i.e. Kenyan Lake Victoria frontiers counties who is collaborating with partners in the County of Västerbotten - Center for Rural Medicine, Region Västerbotten, Umeå Municipality, Biosphere Area - Vindeln River-Juhtáthakka and Umeå University - in a project that started 2023 and will continue until 2025 with funding from Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD). The Garden

Approved Application for Antiracism in Umeå

We are happy to announce that an application has been approved by Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society June 7th 2023 that will increase the opportunities for civil society organisations in Umeå to work for antiracism in Umeå. Another Development Foundation is one of the organizers behind this initiative that started with a manifestion for antiracism in Umeå, right after the results of the election in Sweden was announced September 2022. Civil society in Umeå now mobilizes for antiracism,

What is Another Development Foundation?

Another Development Foundation is an independent, non-profit think tank and do tank for people, places and planet earth promoting peace by peaceful means, freedom from violence, human rights, gender equality, sustainable development inluding climate justice. The foundation is based in The City of Umeå, Sweden.

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