The war in Ukraine has caused reactions throughout the world, and in Sweden as well. Voices for increased military spending and membership in the NATO-alliance have become more vocal.

In this conversation, another approach on what to do in relation to the war in Ukraine, and in relation to militarisation in general, was discussed.

A central theme for the conversation were on nonviolent resistance during occupation and against dictatorship, even if the conversation provided opportunities for dialogue on peacebuilding as well.

The conversation started with a lecture by Jörgen Johansen, peace researcher, nonviolent activist, founder of Irene Publishing and Co-editor of Journal of Resistance Studies.

Introduction on the theme for the conversation was also provided by Lotta Sjöström Becker, General Secretary of Swedish Fellowhsip of Reconciliation. Stella Lundén, Policy and Methods Advisor at Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation faciltated the dialogue between Jörgen and the participants.

The event was an on-line event that took place March 30th 2021, and was organized by Swedish Fellowship of Reconcilitation, the study association Bilda, Another Development Foundation, the Swedish section of Women´s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) and Meeting Place Nonviolence, which is an arena for nonviolence organized by a number organisations, in collaboration with partners.