Another Development Foundation recognizes the challenges within and for the field of international development cooperation due to its relation to culture, politics, money and power. However, the way forward is to work for improvements and for a global partnership aiming at sustainable development even if it is difficult. We, the founders, have experience of working within this field and briefly want to describe our experiences and achievements. This is a list based on the experience of our Chair Ingvar Rönnbäck:

International projects:

Project coordinator and manager for collaboration between Robertsfors Municipality, Machakos Municipality and Machakos County Government, Kenya 2007-2015 with ambition to proceed 2016-2018. Finalized projects are: a) Developing strategic plans for sustainable local development, b) Developing resource and information centres for local sustainable development and c) Youth for democracy and human rights. The partnership has been funded by Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD). A new project on gender equality will be developed during a phase called development/broadening in line with the guidelines from ICLD since an application for such a phase has been approved december 2016.

Project manager for collaboration between Robertsfors Municipality and Busia Municipality, Uganda 2014-2018. The project has the aim of establishing help-desks for sustainable livelihoods in both municipalities. The partnership is funded by ICLD.

Advisor and facilitator in a collaboration between The City of Umeå and Kajiado County Government, Kenya 2014-2018. The inceptionphase is finalized and applications for a partnership was approved December 2016 by the funder. The aim of the project is to build capacity for effective, transparent and accountable waste- and water management. The partnership is funded by ICLD.

Project manager, advisor and facilitator in a collaboration between Region Västerbotten and Elgeyo Marakwet County Government, Kenya 2016-2018. The inceptionphase is finalized and application for a partnership has been aproved. The aim of the project is to build capacity in both organizations for sustainable tourism. The partnership is funded by ICLD.

Advisor and facilitator in a dialogue between The County Council of Västerbotten, The Center for Rural Medicine and Homa Bay County Government, Kenya during 2015. The dialogue resulted in an application to ICLD March 2017 for par partnership on rural medicine with focus on telemedicine.

Advisor and member of steering group in a collaboration between The County Council of Västerbotten and The City of Yogjakarta, Indonesia 2013-2016. The partnership work with capacity development and communication for dengue prevention. The partnership is funded by ICLD.

Advisor and resource person together with the environmental journalist Dag Jonzon to Hard Rain Project 2010-2015 – a communication and advocacy project based on world famous exhibitions produced by the photographer Mark Edwards with support from Bob Dylan and Lloyd Timberlake. The exhibition has been displayed all over the world for more than 15 million people. Besides of being project manager for events at Umeå University in collaboration with other organizations, Ingvar Rönnbäck has also helped finding sites for the exhibitions in Kenya, Uganda and Indonesia.

Project manager for several international events on peace, humanitarian assistance, human rights and sustainable development in Sweden and other countries with participants from all continents. These events are described in another section at this website.

Project manager for exchange between Center for Interdisciplinary Sciences, Umeå University and Henry Martin Institute in Hyderbad, India 2001 on conflict management and peace building. The partnership was funded by The Center for Interdisciplinary Sciences at Umeå University and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

Follow-up and evaluation of international projects:

As a program officer for humanitarian assistance and conflict management at Sida Civil Society Centre follow-up and evaluation of projects were conducted in Somalia (2002) and Zambia (2003). Within the areas of duties Ingvar Rönnbäck was a member of a special group working with follow-up and evaluation of programs and projects. He also evaluated development projects in The County of Västerbotten funded by The European Union (2005-2007) as well as other projects on racism, xenophobia, integration and migration assigned by The City of Umeå (2012 and 2016-2018) The Swedish Government (1993-1994) and The County Administrative Board of Västerbotten (2013-2014).

International conferences and exchanges:

Participation in and members of international seminars, conferences and exchanges through Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society, Umeå University and Sida in Norway (1993), Hungary (1993), Sweden (1994-2015), UK (1985 and 1994), Russia (1994-1995), France (1996), Netherlands (1996), and US (1995-1996, 1999-2000, 2002-2004). In some of these conferences and exchanges Ingvar Rönnbäck has presented academic papers which later on have been published. He also participated at numerous events and conferences in Sweden on global challenges of different kind as well as conducted his own learning journeys to various countries.


All of these activities and projects have been performed within the employment of different organizations;

Chair of and member of the board in Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society at local and national level (1983-1999)

Teacher and researcher at Umeå University (1991-2002)

Program officer for humanitarian assistance and conflict management at Sida Civil Society Centre (2002-2005)

Project manager of international projects at Robertsfors Municipality (2007-)

Founder and CEO of ADEP – Another Development Perspective Ltd (2008-)