February 23rd 2022 ADF and other organisations invited students to an inspiring conversation about nonviolence research, where Stellan Vinthagen, the world’s first professor of nonviolent resistance at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA, provided an overview of what happens at the front lines of nonviolence research.

Stellan´s observations and reflections were based on his travels and meetings with nonviolence researchers,
indigenous peoples, farm workers, anti-racists, climate activists and peace movements around the world. Stellan´s lecture was commented by three peace researchers at the Department of Political Science; Elisabeth Olivius, Malin Åkebo and Patrik Johansson.

The opportunity also offered opportunities for participants to participate in a dialogue on nonviolence as a field of research, and on nonviolence as an opportunity and a challenge.

The conversation was organized by Another Development Foundation, Umeå Association of Foreign Affairs, the Department of Political Science, Umeå University. Students who study Peace and Conflict Studies, International Crisis- and Conflict Management was invited as well as students who participate in activities organized by the Umeå Association of Foregin Affairs.

Another Development Foundation is grateful for the contributions from Stellan, Elisabeth, Malin and Patrik. We are also grateful for the cooperation with the other organizers, and for the assistance by Kristoffer Fredriksson, who works at the study organisation Bilda.