Together with CASDA – Cooperation Arena for Sustainable Development in Africa, ADEP – Another Development Perspective Ltd (project owner) and Another Development Foundation hosted participants from eight countries; Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia (Somaliland), Rwanda, Zambia and Sweden. Our common goal is to end genderbased violence and to promote freedom from violence as fundamental human right, through creative media work. The meeting in Nairobi was the second after a meeting in Sweden during a seedfunding phase where the parties agreed on the outline for a 2-year project funded by Swedish Institute.  The purpose of Creative Force Project Workshop at Sarova Panafric Hotel, Nairobi May 7th-11th 2018  was formulated in the following way:

  1. Understanding of the project among all key participants
  2. Dialogue and learning on GBV and on freedom from violence as a human right
  3. Dialogue and learning on creative media work to end gender based violence and to promote freedom from violence as human right
  4. Dialogue and decisions on roles and responsibilities for all partners in the project
  5. Decisions on the way forward for the project
  6. Grounding the project in Nairobi and in Kenya

The gathering in Nairobi was a success depening the relations necessary for collaboration and defining the route forward. A deep gratitude to Yvonne Anyango, Executive Director for CASDA, managing this international workshop, inviting us all, including representatives from Kenyan organisations and institutions as well as adressing the challenges in a welcome speech. Next step in the project, besides communication and planning, is to launch this partnership as a campaign at the Swedish Annual Forum for Human Rights in Stockholm, Sweden November 2018.

In the photo, Samba Yonga – founder of Ku-atenga Media, Zambia – facilitates the dialogue in one of the workshops.