Peter Söderström and Ingvar Rönnbäck, founders of Another Development Foundation have together with experts and activists from a number of organisations formulated a debate article, on men´s responsibility for sexualized violence, which were published in one of the biggest swedish newpapers – Svenska Dagbladet – January 22nd 2019. Several arguments, based on research and ethics were put forward in the article. Men are the ones who have created the sexist structures in our society, and men commits almost all acts of sexualized violence targeting girls, women, but also towards boys and other men. Therefore we as men have an responsibility as decision makers, partners, fathers, friends and colleagues to actively engage in breaking down the prerequisites for gender discrimination and sexism where one of the most important tasks is to counteract pornography. We men need to transform our responsibility into doing gender equality in practice and develop a sexuality based on consent, free from oppression, discrimination and violence.