Peter Söderström, co-founder of Another Development Foundation travelled to Nepal March 2018 in order to meet organizations and unconditionally exchange knowledge and experience relating to his areas of expertise. Through contact with Balkrishna Silwal Sharma, monitoring and evaluation specialist/consultant at ADB/Establishing Women and Children Service Centers in Katmandu, Peter Söderström were invited to the organization Nepal Participatory Action Network (NEPAN).

NEPAN is an association of individuals and institutions whose goal is to promote and build capacity for meaningful participation of citizens, particularly poor and excluded citizens in participatory development and democratization processes. NEPAN has been working nationally and in cooperation with different international organizations since 1995. Peter Söderström was also invited to Shakti Samuha, which was established in 1996 as a girls group for trafficking survivors. NEPAN is the first organization in the world established and run by survivors of human trafficking. Their goal is to empower trafficking victims to lead a dignified life in their community, and through their work contribute to establishing a society free from trafficking and other forms of violence against women. Shakti Samuha has been working nationally  in Nepal and over the years also partnered with many international organisations which have led to recognition on a global level with several acknowledged awards. The meetings opened up possibilities for a continued dialogue on future cooperation.

The photo is on Peter and his friend Balkrishna Silwal Sharma.