In a fact finding mission, and a travel to establish relations, in Sri Lanka for the purpose of investigating opportunities to work with people and organizations on post-war healing and empowerment of women through cultural work, Peter Söderström and Ingvar Rönnbäck, co-founders of Another Development Foundation, met parties with an interest of collaboration in these areas. The travel was done together with Peder Karlsson, honorary professor in music at Aarhus University, Denmark, who also is known worldwide as a singer in the Swedish acapella group The Real Group. The travel made possible through the efforts and work by Dr. Valli Pillai-Batchelor who is experienced of working through art for healing, peace-building, empowerment of women and social justice in various cultural environments. Dr Valli Pillai-Batchelor faciltated the dialouge during this travel in the northern part of Sri Lanka, and in the meeting with various group affected by the protracted social conflict and war in the country. The effects of the war is tremendous, as well as the need for post-war healing. One example of the destruction is the destroyed water tower in Killinochi at the photo.