September 29th 2017 Another Development Foundation invited managers and scholars from African countries and Sweden for a talk on the meaning of another development, challenges and opportunities in our countries in relation to the overall goal of sustainable development with focus on local development. The dialogue also concentrated on factors needed for change, on how partners from different sectors with different roles can be brought to the same table for the improvement of collaboration, but also on how to mobilize and empower people and organisations in relation to power. The invited people also contributed with their own life stories, their own professional contributions, and their own learning. In fact, this was also the beginning of the talk, i.e. listening to each one of those in the room for all to learn, relate and appreciate. The invited people were:

Yvonne Anyango, director for Cooperation Arena for Sustainable Development in Africa (CASDA) with base in Nairobi, Kenya

Samba Yonga, founder of Ku-atenga Media with base in Lusaka, Zambia.

Reuben Mugisha, researcher at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Reuben Mugisha is born in Rwanda with parents from Rwanda and Uganda. Mr Mugisha is also assigned by the minister of health in Rwanda to investigate opportunities for partnership with The County Council of Västerbotten, Centre for Rural Medicine and other R&D departments in the area of telemedicine.

Anne Ouma, researcher at Umeå University, Sweden, research and development advisor in many settings and countries working with different partners. She graduated as a PhD at Department of Cultural Geography and Economic History, Umeå University. Anne Ouma is a Kenyan from Kisumu who has lived and worked in other countries.

Christoffer Boman, associate professor at Department of Applied Physics and Electronics, Umeå University, Sweden with researchs projects in various african countries.

Ellinor Ädelroth, professor Emerita at Umeå University as well as head of institutions in the health sector in both Sweden and Democractic Republic of Congo. Professor Ädelroth has worked for several years with Denis Mukwege at the Panzi hospital.

Christofer Sjödin, priest in The Swedish Church with commitment for sustainable development, peace and human rights working locally and regionally with these matters in several ways in his own organisation and in relation to and with other partners.

Åsa Holmner, PhD at Umeå University with extensive experience in the field of research, education and project management together with partners in Sweden and other countries. Åsa Holmner is now affiliated to Center for Rural Medicine in Storuman working with different projects, for example together with The City of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

The dialogue was facilitated by the founder and chair of Another Development Foundation, Ingvar Rönnbäck, who also contributed with a broad historical overview of challenges and how these challenges are connected to the concept of another development.