April 19th 2024, Another Development hosted a conversation with two member of the ADF Advisory Group:

Dr. Anne Ouma, Development and Research Advisor and affiliated to Department of Epidemiology and Global Health, Umeå University

Dr. Raman Preet, A global public health professional, scientific research manager, and coordinator. Expert in coordinating European Union funded health research projects.

Ingvar Rönnbäck, Founder and Chair of the Board of Another Development Foundation

This talk was a continuation of a conversation on Human Health and Environment, and now on the point of view that Dr. Raman Preet is a new member of the ADF Advisory Group and joining the other members, for example Dr. Anne Ouma who was the one person that put ADF in contact with Dr. Preet.

The talk concentrated on various topics and thematics, as well as on how Another Development Foundation can faciliate a dialogue on Human Health and Environment, and in relation with other organisations, professionals and scholars. The conversation will continue in June 2024.

Another Development Foundation is very grateful for Dr. Ouma and Dr. Preet taking the time to participate in this talk, and for them to provide with their experience, passions and ideas into this online Garden Talk for Another Development.

To be continued.