October 31st, 2023, Another Development Foundation invited a number of individuals with extensive experience of analysis, thinking and practice for sustainable development.

These individuals were:

Rebecca Oliver, currently a sustainability strategist and associate at Purple IVY

Isak Stoddard, Ph.D student at Department of Earth Sciences, Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

Maria Gardfjell, currently chair of Swedish Society for Nature Conservation in The County of Uppsala, and former member of parliament for the environmental party

The dialogue was facilitated by Ira Sundberg and Ingvar Rönnbäck, at the home of Ira in Uppsala, co-founders and members of the board of Another Development Foundation.

The dialogue was concentrated on an essay written by Ira Sundberg with the title: ”The Person at the Heart of Sustainability”, however also being open for discussions on various matters that are interlinked and interdependent with each other, as well as on how this important dialogue can be developed in the future with Another Development Foundation as the organizer.

This Garden Talk was one of the activities within the project ”Beyond Silos and Fragmentation – Sustainable Development in the 21st Century”. More activities will be carried out in the future, since this project is one of the prioritized projects by Another Development Foundation.

Another Development Foundation, is grateful for the wonderful contributions by Rebecca, Isak and Maria.