Peter Söderström, one of the founders of Another Development Foundation and founder of Gender Equality Vision, was commissioned November 30th 2017 by The Embassy of Sweden and Resource Centre Marta to be a Keynote speaker at the international conference ”Effective Solutions for Preventing Domestic Violence and Violence against Women” in Riga, Latvia.

Peter Söderström talked about the development of the gender transformative violence prevention field internationally, and how it is connected to the Swedish context and experiences of working with different kinds of violence prevention initiatives from an integrated gender perspective.

The conference was arranged through a cooperation between The Embassy of Sweden, Resource Centre Marta, The Embassy of Finland, The Embassy of Norway, Nordic Council of Minister’s Office, State Police of the Republic of Latvia, The Department of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia.

Peter Södertröm was also commissioned December 1st by Resource Centre Marta to carry out a public lecture on how to understand men´s violence against women and children, and what kind of measures different stakeholders can take to counteract and prevent different forms of gender based violence on an structural as well as on an individual level.  The invitation of Peters Söderström came as result of earlier cooperation, and a dialogue around possibilities of creating platforms for future united action.