Another Development Foundation will promote education for sustainable development (ESD) i various ways. Both Ira Sundberg and Ingvar Rönnbäck have extensive experience in this field. Below is a list of achievements by Ira Sundberg who has worked with training, education and learning i many settings. Her profile is psychosocial and social sustainability and how that is related to the overall challenge of sustainable development – a discourse which is very well known for her. In this photo Ira Sundberg is together with Damaris Maingi, working at Machakos Teacher´s College, Kenya.

Lectures and workshops at Cemus, the Centre for Environment and Development Studies at Uppsala University on “Psychology & communication – why don´t we act?”, “What is leadership? Climate Change Leadership in Practice”, “Climate, energy and the modern society. When we know so much, why does so little happen?” (2016- )

Lecturer at the municipality of Uppsala and Akademiska sjukhuset, the Uppsala University hospital, on the theme “When we know so much, why does so little happen?” 2017

Lecturer on “When we know so much, why is so little happening?”, Uppsala municipality, Klimatklivet, a business network, 2017

Guide, Sustainable Stockholm, Peace Boat, 2011-13

Initiator and facilitator, conference “Co-operation between Kenya and Sweden for Sustainability” Nairobi, Kenya. The conference was conducted through an invitation from Swedish Eco-municipalities (Sekom), The Natural Step International and Sustainable Sweden Association with funding from The Ekhaga Foundation, 2007

Lecturer at “Young Leaders Consultative Meeting” at Kenya Institute of Education, 2006

Lecturer at seminar, Young Leaders Consultative Meeting at Kenya Institute of Education, Nairobi, Kenya, 2006

Lecturer “The sustainable workplace”, The National Council of Swedish Youth Organisation, LSU, 2005

Lecturer and coach regarding “The Lake of Trekanten”, The City of Stockholm, 2004

Lecturer, “Psychosocial Sustainability – What is it and how can I apply it to the sustainability movement?”, SIS, Nairobi, Kenya, 2004

Lecturer and guide, Sustainable Sweden Tours, 2001-2004

Lecturer “About the good life”, Swedish Ecodemics, 2002

Lecturer “Women, nature and environment”, The Swedish National Association for Social and Mental Health, 2002

Lecturer, “Quality of Life”, the Swedish Union of Tenants, 2002

Lecturer, “Psychosocial sustainability”, Municipality of Robertsfors, 2002

Lecturer on “Nature and environment”, Trade Union for University Graduates in Natural Sciences, 2002

Lecturer on “Naturally – about the good life in Stockholm”, Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, 2002

Lecturer “Stressed humans, stressed planet”, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, 2002

Lecturer on “Local work on change in inner city gardens – a road to sustainable development, 2001

Lecturer, “Collaboration and success factors”, Municipality of Sundbyberg, 2001

Lecturer on “Introduction to depth interviewing, sustainable development” at Cemus, the Centre for Environment and Development Studies, Uppsala University, 2001

Lecturer “Psychosocial sustainability – the good life and the good company”, municipality of Kalix 2001

Lecturer on Psychosocial sustainability”, Swedish University of Agricultural Science, 2001

Lecturer on “Psychosocial sustainability”, Stockholm University, 1996

Lecturer “Management on change”, Mälardalen University, 1998

Lecturer, “Management of change and lifestyle questions”, Vuxenskolan, 1998

Lectures on “Lighter package”, Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, 1998