Another Development Foundation will work with various organisations, their leaders and executives. Ira Sundberg has been active in various boards and projects working working with organisational development as well as project management. In each one of these organisations and projects, the work has been aimed at sustainable development. This experience by Ira Sundberg is very important when working with organisational development of Another Development Foundation. This is a list of organisations and projects in which Ira Sundberg have been active:

Member of the board, Save the Children in Uppsala, 2018-

Vice chairman, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, county of Uppsala, 2017-

Co-founder of Another Development Foundation 2016 –

Chair, Cooperation for Sustainable Development in Africa, 2006-16

Acting board member, Swedish Doctors for the Environment, 2007-2010

Co-founder of Cooperation for Sustainable Development in Africa (CASDA), an international NGO based Kenya, registered 2006. Ira was also the chair of CASDA 2006-2016

Member of the board, Esam Ltd, 2000-2006, associate 2000-2007

Project leader “Environment and integration: “Integration and environment work – is cross-fertilization possible, the Local investment program”, municipality of Stockholm, 2001

Visavi AB. Building and developing a service in Sweden – Employee Assistant Program, including working with leadership training, development and adaptation, marketing, implementation of the service, training of coaches, 1997-2000

Environmental management program for Äventyrsresor , 1999

Founder and chairperson of Psychologists for the Environment, a network within the Natural Step, 1992-95

Founder and CEO Ira Sundberg AB and Firma Ira Sundberg, 1992-

Andreas Lund & Co (1979-1982) Qualitative research and depth interviewing used as the basis for planning and evaluation of marketing research, internal and external information, organisation development and development of co-workers.