Another Development Foundation has an holistic approach on sustainable development including the need for working with personal, psychosocial, social sustainability as well as on leadership. If global sustainability will be possible it is important to work with organisational development, institutions, collaboration locally, nationally, regionally and internationally as well as mobilizing global civil society and with resistance. However, the need for working with the individual, with groups and on leadership must not be forgotten. Ira Sundberg has experience of this kind of work as a trained psychoterapist and coach. This is a list of her experience in that field:

Psychotherapist, private practice (1980-2000). Psychotherapy (mainly), coaching and interviewing, seminars for personal development and sustainable development

Coaching individuals, leaders and groups (1990- )

Coach, “Visions and planning seminars on safe and play-friendly way to school”, Agenda 21, Stockholm, 2003

Environmental coach, Vision Skärholmen, The Municipality of Skärholmen,1999

Coach “Verdant living gardens”, The City of Stockholm, 2001