Militarisation is a reality in today´s world, with tremendous effects for people and environment, as well as for the overall trust in the international system. The risks with militarisation are many and serious, and cannot continue since it is a existential threat to all human civilisations.

Another Development Foundation work to counter militarisation in partnership with other organisations, for example within the framework of the work with the annual forum ”Noviolence 202X” that was launced 2020.

This partnership also provide opportunitites for actvists, movements, organisations and scholars to participate on dialogues on and for nonviolence in what we call ”Nonviolence Square” or ”Nonviolence Plaza” (Ickevåldstorget in Swedish).

On February 9th, a dialogue on alternatives to militarisation was carried out online 12.00-13.30.

The dialogue was introduced by the founder and chair of Another Development Foundation, and moderated by Jonatan Eriksson Sjöman, dean at Härnösand Peoples High School.

The dialogue started with a dialogue between three leaders for three Swedish peace organisations:

Desirée Sterner, Chair of the Swedish section for Women´s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)

Lotta Sjöström Becker, General Secretary for Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation and,

Deborah Biniam Solomon, expert on nuclear weapons and killing robots, Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society

Other initiatives for peace will be posted on this webpage.