Within the project ”Collective Civil Courage”, Another Development Foundation have worked together with the study association Bilda, Swedish Fellowship of Reconcilliation and Härnösands People´s High School with a study material on and for nonviolence, that will be launched February 20th 2024.

During the launch, we will present the new webpage and the material that have been produced during the project – a webpage and material that would be of use for activists, movements and organisations who work for social change, peace, human rights, gender equality, sustainable development and environmental justice.

The study association Bilda and Swedish Fellowship of Reconcilliation are the key-organisers of this event, as well as for the project.

Another Development Foundation and Härnösands People´s High School have been members of the working group throughout the whole project, which also have interacted with a reference group for input to the project.

More information about the webpage and the material will soon be available on this webpage.