Peter Söderström, Co-founder and member of the board of Another Development Foundation participated as an expert in the Gender Equality Agency’s panel discussion during International Men ’s Day on 19 November 2020.

Issues focusing on mens violence against women, pornography, mental illness, macho culture and working with role models were highlighted with the aim of emphasizing how boys and men need to be an active part of the work, if we are to achieve a gender equal society.

In the panel, Peter says:

”In a society where women are still discriminated politically, economically and socially, just because they are women, it means that I as a man get power, status and privileges, just because I am a man. It is therefore a constant challenge to try to apply gender equality in a society that constantly applies gender inequality. It requires for us men, not only knowledge of the consequences of gender discrimination, an insight into how we as individual men contribute in our everyday reality of doing equal practice, but also that we, as boys and men, must choose to actively participate in the realization of our gender equality policy goals in Sweden.”