Another Development Foundation was happy to invite representatives of The City of Umeå, Umeå University, Umeå Institute of Design and Swedish University on Agriculture sciences to a lecture by, and a talk with, Will Steffen, one of the most well renowned Earth System scientists, as well as Honorary Advisor for Another Development Foundation June 11th.

During this talk, participants were also be able to talk with the other advisors of Another Development Foundation who have a commitment for sustainable global development, peace, human rights and gender equality with experience of work locally, nationally and internationally in different institutional and cultural environments.

Why a talk on Anthropocene? What is Earth System Science? What is sustainable urban development during Anthropocene?

Brief summary of the talk:

The Anthropocene has been proposed as a new geological epoch in Earth history as well as an abrupt change to the planetary conditions which have allowed human societies to thrive. The Anthropocene is far more than a scientific curiosity. It represents the ultimate challenge to society – the need to change the current direction of our highly consuming and polluting societies towards a much more sustainable future.

This talk by Professor Will Steffen outlined the scientific basis for the Anthropocene, and then turn to some thoughts and suggestions about humanity can rise to the challenge of not only surviving the Anthropocene, but also surviving in it. He also talked on the case of Canberra, Australia.

The talk was the first one in a series. Information on others will be available on this webpage. During this day Another Development Foundation Advisory group was also hosted by Umeå Institute for Design (UID) for a talk on UID; research, education, collaborations. This was most appreciated by the advisors.