Representatives from Busia Municipality, Uganda headed by Mayor Hassan Mbwire was invited to the founder and chair of Another Development Foundation for a Garden Talk for Another Development June 6th 2018 since the team from Busia was in Sweden for working together with their partner Robertsfors Municipality as well as meeting representatives from Machakos County Government, Kenya who also is a partner to Robertsfors Municpality. The talked centered on the following themes; a) Sweden and Uganda, b) Sweden and international development cooperation, c) the history and meaning of Another Development, d) initiatives by Ingvar Rönnbäck for Another Development, e) challenges in Busia and Uganda regarding development. After this talk Busia Municipality met their partners Robertsfors Municipality and Machakos County Government for a joint dialogue on development trends, challenges and visions in Robertsfors, Busia and Machakos as well as learning and dialogue on the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. This dialogue was facilitated by Ingvar Rönnbäck who has worked with Robertsfors Municipality for more than 10 years in various projects, for example the projects with partners in Uganda and Kenya funded by Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD).