During the event Littfest 2022 (the biggest event in Sweden for litterature) in The City of Umeå March 17th, a special session on the fight for freedom, democracy and human rights was organized by The East Group (Östgruppen).

The dialogue was facilitated by Martin Uggla, chair of the board of The East Group. Other participants were Nadja Kandrusevitj-Sjydlouskaja, publisher and translator for books for children, Lesia Rudnik, chair of the board for an association for belarusians in Sweden and Ingvar Rönnbäck, founder of Another Development Foundation.

The dialogue focused on challenges for children living in a dictatorship and on the situation for movements and individuals resisting autocratic rule in Belarus. Special attention was also on nonviolent civil resistance; achievements, challenges and opportunities.

Another Development Foundation is honored to be invited to this dialogue. A special thank´s to The East Group for the invitation.