March 19th 12.00-14.00, a manifestation for peace is organized in the city center in Umeå, Sweden. Another Development Foundation has worked together with 12 other organisations for this manifestation to happen.

These organisations are; Rädda Barnen, Vän i Umeå, Folkuniversitetet, NBV, ABF, IM, Svenska Kyrkan, Pingstkyrkan, Studiefrämjandet, Azadi and Akut hjälp till Ukraina.

Several speeches will be held by: Lars Lustig, The County Administrative Board in Västerbotten, Elisabeth Dahlin, The Ombudsman for Children in Sweden, Anna Jörgensdotter, Author, Ola Nordebo, Västerbottens Courier, Dzenan Sahovic, Department of Political Science, Umeå University and Ingvar Rönnbäck, Founder of Another Development Foundation.

During the manifestation, music will be provided by the folk musician Anton Täljebäck, the choir Sångkraft, as well as by other choir´s.

The manifestation is in solidarity with Ukraine, and with all others who are, or have been, affected by war.