Another Development Foundation is happy for having the opportunity to have a dialogue with Swedish Television on Anthropocene, wicked problems and human survival, concepts that in itself are complex and open for many interpretation, nevertheless powerful and grounded in theoretical and empirical science. The dialogue took place on a virtual meeting June 10th 2021.

Swedish Television, who is the Swedish public service television company, invite people and organisations to contribute with ideas, views, perspectives and knowledge in a dialogue they call ”coffee with us” (”fika med oss” in Swedish). It is an effort from Swedish Television to listen to people in order for them to improve as a public service television.

Ingvar Rönnbäck and Ira Sundberg, founders and member of the board, represented Another Development Foundation and discussed the role of Swedish Television in Anthroposcene (”the age of humans”), an epoch of significant human impact on planet earth.

It was an open and fruitful dialogue on many challenges and ideas. Besides of having a conversation on Anthroposcene, wicked problems and the role of Swedish Television in this epoch, it was also an opportunity for Ingvar Rönnbäck and Ira Sundberg to listen and learn from the representatives for the Swedish public service television company, who had a broad experience of working with television, and within Swedish Television.

Another Development Foundation is truly grateful for this dialogue, which can be considered as a part of the foundations work with outreach. It is also an activity framed within the project ”Sustainable Development in the 21st Century – Beyond Silos and Fragmentation” launched April 2021 by Another Development Foundation.

Photo of Amman, Jordan. Amman is one example of rapid growing cities, and of urbanization which is one trend among many within Anthroposcene.