Another Development Foundation has launched an initiative April 2021 that will invite people and organisations to a dialogue on how to work for sustainable development from a systemic approach and practical point of view.

We call this initiative ”Sustainable Development in the 21st Century – Beyond Silos and Fragmentation” since it is a challenge for everyone to work practically and result-oriented from the basis of systemic and comprehensive approaches.

We know, and recognize, that such efforts and initiative have existed and exist. It is therefore important to learn from and listen to people, organisations, institutions and communities with stories on such efforts and initiatives since that will be a contribution to the dialogue which we seek and want to promote.

However, from the basis of assessments of praxis in the contemporary world, we also understand that it is challenging and difficult to work from the basis of a systemic perspective where parts are not seen in isolation with each other. The modern world is a world of complexity and fragmentation, rooted in history, social, economic, political and cultural relations. The modern and global world is also unsustainable, unequal, violent and in a state of crisis.

This means that the need for thinking and action on sustainable development as a systemic concept is there as a real challenge for many to work on.

This is why we have launched this initiative and why we invite to this dialogue.

Our first step is an internal dialogue with the members of our advisory group, with specially invited persons and with our partner organisations who are based in different regions throughout the world.

The second step will be public events with a broader and inclusive invitations.

Updates on this initiative will be available on this website, and through other channels, an ongoing basis.

Photo by Evelina Rönnbäck from Medellin, Colombia 2014. In this context, Medellin as historical, political, social, economic, cultural and environmental place represents complexity, as all places are, independent of where they are located. What does it mean to work for sustainable development in this context? What does it mean to work for sustainable development in other places, institutions, organisations, movements and households? What does it mean for international development cooperation? What does it mean in a time when humankind is faced by a multifold of crisis?