Another Development Foundation would have been a proud co-host of DIGNITY 2020 in Copenhagen together with The Centre for Response-Based Practice and Danish Women’s Society’s Shelters.

Due to the Corona crisis, we have not been able to invite experts and participants to Copenhagen, May 2020 or January 2021 as we planned. We will come back with more information about this event on a later date.

DIGNITY is an international conference that honours dignity and resistance to violence and other forms of injustice.

The overall theme of DIGNITY 2020 is femicide and men’s violence against women.

Dignity as an event has been initiated by the professionals and researchers behind The Centre for Response-Based Practice in Duncan, Vancouver Island, Canada. Dignity started as an idea to bring together colleagues with a primary interest in addressing violence broadly defined, in upholding the unending desire for dignity and justice, and in building a community with a common purpose.

Dignity is built upon and have been a community-focused three-day event exploring human service work, anti-violence and decolonizing practices, and the importance of language from a response-based perspective. It is about bringing dignity to the forefront of human service and social justice work, via offering participants to take part in stimulating conversations on topics related to the fields of social work, counselling, law enforcement, public policy, psychiatry, and activism.

 In 2013, the first In Dignity gathering was held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, hosted by the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter.

In 2014, In Dignity was held in Yellowknife, North West Territories, Canada.  With the support of the Justice department of the Government of the North West Territories.

In 2015 In Dignity became simply, Dignity.  Hosted by Tu Mai Awa and Response-Based Aotearoa in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

In 2016, Dignity came home” to Duncan, B.C., Canada, on Vancouver Island, held at the Cowichan Cultural Centre on Khowutzun territory.

In 2017 Dignity were hosted by The Women’s Council of West Australia and were held in Fremantle, south of Perth. 

In 2018 Dignity were held in Stockholm, Sweden, hosted by Unizon with the support of Another Development Foundation and The Canadian Embassy.