Another Development Foundation is a proud co-organizer of the whole day event ”Pornography – the greatest gender equality challenge of our time?” Together with Talita / Reality Check, Unizon, Sweden’s Women’s Lobby, the Västerbotten County Administrative Board and The City of Umeå.

The event will be held on Thursday, January 30th, 2020.

Over the past ten years, pornography has become increasingly serious. Almost all mainstream porn contains abuse, humiliation and sexual violence against women. A new survey from Talita shows how young girls are attracted to participate in pornographic material, and how the boundaries between pornography and prostitution are loosened up. The country’s women’s and girls’ shelters are increasingly meeting girls who have been subjected to sexual violence with inspiration from pornography. It is no longer possible to conduct effective work against men’s violence against women without addressing pornography. There is a need for a total responsibility to counter pornography and its harmful effects at all levels of society.

A unique opportunity to listen to some of the foremost experts and most inspirational speakers in the field tell us about the consequences of pornography and what measures are needed to solve one of the major public health problems of our time and the greatest gender equality challenge.


Olga Persson, Secretary-General, Unizon

Meghan Donevan, Head of Research and Prevention, Talita

Clara Berglund, Chair, Sweden’s Women’s Lobby

Peter Söderström, Strategist, Reality Check / Talita

Paulina Bengtsson, Specialist on Trafficking and Prostitution, Novahuset

Daniel Israeli, Ambassador, Reality Check, Talita

Mikis Kanakaris, Executive Director, 1000 opportunities

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