Evelina Rönnbäck is a freelance photographer and writer focusing on documentary storytelling in a broad variation of contexts in many countries and regions. Her work is closely related to her interest for human rights, peace and nonviolence, international relations and sustainable devolpment. Over a decade she’s been working within the field of journalism, in her own projects, as well as together with organisations and other partners who are working for sustainable global development in various ways. She grew up in Umeå, in the northern part of Sweden but her work is done both on a local, national and international level. Her photos and texts have been showcased and recognized both in Sweden and internationally in exhibitions, articles, media, social gatherings and other platforms. She’s also a passionate athlete and is an active surfer, skier and climber – interests that she’s also bring into her work as freelancer, not at least focusing on photography and gender equality within the sports field.