At a special seminar at Umeå University Ingvar Rönnbäck, founder of and chair of Another Development Foundation facilitated a dialogue on food sovereignity, power and food, with special focus on female farmers, with panelist from South Africa, India and Equador. The panelists were Lila Naidoo, Director of East Cape Agriculture Research Project (ECARP), South Africa, P.M Mohan, President of Center for Improved Health and Environmental Protection (CIRHEP), India and Maria Angélita Loja Cabrera, small-scale farmer and indigenous leader from Quimsakocha, Azuay, Equador who all described the global food regime and its consequences for women, poor people and environment, as well as their own work on various levels to counter power and promote the rights of small-scale farmers who in many cases are women. Ingvar Rönnbäck was deeply grateful and honored for facilitating this important dialogue.

The seminar was organized by a number of Swedish organizations working nationally and internationally with agriculture, human rights and sustainable development; Afrikagrupperna, FIAN Sverige, Framtidsjorden, Jordens Vänner, Latinamerikagrupperna, Förbundet Sveriges Småbrukare och Svalorna Indien Bangladesh. These organizations are members of a network; Power over Food. Co-organizer was Umeå Association for International Affairs – a student association at Umeå University.