Peter Söderström, Co-founder of Another Development Foundation, has in collaboration with a number of experts and activists from different organisations written an article on pornography as public health crisis, published in Aftonbladet October 13th 2018 (see attached link). The board of Another Development Foundation fully support Peter Söderström and the others who have highlighted this problem with all its consequences for human wellbeing.

Pornography is a global public health crisis and today one of the most serious threats to all gender equality policy work aiming at achieving women rights. Right now 30% of internet is pornography, it is unregulated and accessible 24/7. The multibillion-dollar industry produces mens humiliation, dehumanization and acts of sexualized violence against women, portrayed as pleasure. Pornography today drives the demand for trafficking and prostitution and there is a clear correlation between boys high consumption of pornography and committing acts of sexualized violence. One important step to undermine this brutal industry is to protect our children, and regulate the consumption through establishing an age-limit and technical solutions. Together with organisations and engaged professionals Another Development Foundation demands concrete actions to counteract pornography and its devastating consequences.