Together with Swedish Church, Friends of the Earth and the study association Sensus, Another Development Foundation organized a network meeting for various social movements on sustainable transition.

This is what has been communicated in the invitation:

”In the challenging times we live in, broad and deep alliances are necessary. We can find common strength in an ecosocial movement for transition to sustainability based on diversity, inclusion and rights for both people and the rest of nature. How can we learn, reflect and act together here in Umeå with the help of perspectives from, for example, the environmental and transition movement, public education, the labor movement, religious communities, minorities including the Sami as well as other local actors? How do we build safe learning environments with roundtable discussions where we can meet, reflect and release hope and action? Where all perspectives are welcomed as long as diversity is respected?

Eco-pedagogy connects the rights of man and nature. The aim is to strengthen people as agents of change and co-creators of a sustainable culture of peace, with peaceful relations with all living things.”

The dialogue is facilitated by Ingrid and Nikolas Berg who has worked as educators, facilitators and creators for several decades.

The event will take place in Umeå February 28th 2023. Another Development Foundation is happy to be one of the organizers supporting this necessary dialogue. Local initiatives and dialogues are as important as ever.