We are happy to announce a new member of the ADF board – Meghan Donevan whom we know as social, generous, warm and competent leader with a strong will for social change and social justice.

Meg Donevan is a passionate, visionary abolitionist with unique expertise in the areas of pornography and prostitution. She is the manager of research and prevention at Talita, an NGO providing support to women exploited in prostitution, pornography and sexualized purposes. Her background is in Global Development Studies, Economics and Politics, and she is now a research affiliate at the department of social sciences at Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University College.

The knowledge Meg has gained over the past 7 years working directly with survivors of prostitution informs the research and prevention efforts she undertakes. In 2019, Meg published the first ever study on the pornography industry in Sweden, which gained considerable media attention and serves as a tool to educate the broader public about the harms of pornography. Meg has published peer-reviewed research on the associations between adolescents’ pornography consumption and their attitudes and behaviours, and contributed to a peer-reviewed book with the chapter “If pornography is sex education, what does it teach?” Meghan also represents Talita in international initiatives, including Talita’s membership in the Coalition for the Abolishion of Prostitution (CAP International), and as an advisor in a international collaboration with partners from eight african countries and Sweden aimed at combatting Gender Based Violence through creative media work.

Meg is also the initiator of Reality Check, Talita’s prevention work equipping adults and young people with research-based resources and curriculum focused on the harms of pornography. Reality Check’s resource “10 myths about porn” has been translated into 7 different languages and distributed to schools, NGOs, and other professionals throughout Sweden and internationally. Meg is regularly invited to speak at national and international events.

Meg – you are most welcome as member of the ADF-board. We are so happy that you accepted our request! We are also deeply honored that you would like to work with us.

Photo: Evelina Rönnbäck