Unizon (http://unizon.se), Sweden and the Centre for Response-Based Practice (www.responsebasedpractice.com), Canada are the hosts for the international event Dignity 2018, September 28th-30th in Stockholm, Sweden – an event which is supported by The Canadian Embassy. Through Peter Söderström, Co-Founder member of the board for Another Development Foundation, the foundation was invited to be a partner and part of the organizing team.

Dignity have travelled from Canada, New Zeeland and Australia to finally be brought to Sweden by Unizon 2018. The event celebrates the unending desire for dignity and justice evident in resistance to violence and other forms of injustice. We bring together practitioners, activists, and academics from different parts of the world with a common interest in improving social responses to all forms of violence and oppression, with a focus on gender-based and colonial violence. The participants who will do presentations and facilitate seminars are from Canada, New Zeeland, Australia, Kenya, Russia, USA, Denmark and Sweden.

Another Development Foundation are represented in the program. Four of our Advisors – Ellacarin Blind, Sámiid Riikasearvi (SSR), Kristina Sehlin Macneil, Vartooe, Umeå University, Meghan Donevan, Talita and Allan Wade, Center for Responsed Based Practice and our Co-founder Peter Söderström – will all present keynote speeches as well as facilitate seminars. Together with Yvonne Anyango, CASDA, Kenya Ingvar Rönnbäck from Another Development Foundation will also present an international collaboration with organisations from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia (Somaliland), Rwanda and Zambia funded by Swedish Institute targeting gender-based violence.

Another Development Foundation are proud and delighted to be a partner to Unizon and the Centre for Response-Based Practice in Canada, in setting up and realizing this inspiring and important event, honouring dignity and resistance to all forms of violence.