Through funding from Swedish Institute in the framework of Creative Force Program, Another Development Foundation and WANA Institute were able to meet in Sweden October 4th-8th 2018 for a dialogue on the future collaboration on Citizen Journalism and Community Based Media Organisations. The delegation from WANA Institute, with base in Amman, Jordan, were also able to meet various actors and organisations in Sweden who works for youth empowerment, integration/inclusion, against violent extremism, sustainable development and research internationally, nationally and locally. Those actors and organisations were; Fryshuset, Swedish Institute, Swedish Government Offices, researchers and teachers at Department of Informatics and Media, Uppsala University, Department of Political Science, Umeå University, The City of Umeå, Swedish for Immigrants and Friends in Umeå. The delegation from WANA Institute was also able to meet some advisors and partners to Another Development Foundation.

WANA Institute was represented by:

Juliet Dryden, Programme Director

Reem Alhaddadin, Junior Resercher, Sustainable Development

Barik Mhadeen, Researcher, Human Security

Mahmoud Nabulsi, Senior Researcher and Team Leader, Civil Society

Lien Santermans, Communication Manager

Another Development Foundation and WANA Institute will write an application to Swedish Institute for a 2-year project starting 2019.

Another Development Foundation is very grateful for wonderful conversations with the delegation from WANA Institute.