Another Development Foundation has, in cooperation with Unizon, Swedish Women’s Lobby, Talita and SNAF, been granted funding by Allmänna Arvsfonden (The Swedish Inheritance Fund) to conduct a six-month pilot study aimed at examining the conditions and need for a digital platform developed and run by young women with a focus on the harms of pornography. The intention is that this platform would collect, analyze and document unique knowledge on the harmful effects of pornography. It could serve as a platform where girls and young women can share their experiences of pornography’s negative effects on their lives, but also ways they can resist the harms of pornography, for example by unpacking and re-defining relationships and sexual encounters that are based on consent, intimacy and respect. It could be a platform for the development of innovative tools to disseminate young women and girls’ unique knowledge and a forum inspiring children and young people to get involved in preventing and combatting girl’s and young women’s vulnerability. A platform founded on Agenda 2030’s goals 5 and 16 on gender equality and freedom from violence, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the National Strategy against Men’s Violence against Women and the WHO’s definition of Sexual Health. The target group for the pilot study is young people aged 12-25 with a particular focus on girls and young women. The project team will consist of Peter Söderström, Ebba Carlsson (left), Ida Karseland (middle) and Ebba Bjelke (right). Another Development Foundation is happy to work with Ebba, Ida and Ebba. They are most welcome!