Another Development Foundation is an organizer of events of conferences as well as co-organizer and participant. Events and conferences gathers many people and organsations from various parts of the world.

Umeå for Antiracism – How can I/we make a difference?

On February 27th 2024, the network Umeå for Antiracism invite citizens, activists and organisations to a dialogue on how civil society can work for antiracism in Umeå Municipality. Another Development Foundation is a member of this broad network and also represented as a member of a steering group for a project on how to develop capacity and mobilisation for antiracism in Umeå. The member from Another Development Foundation in the steering group is Ingvar Rönnbäck, founder and chair of the

Nonviolence 2023 in Ubmeje/Umeå, Sweden – October 20th-22nd

Another Development Foundation has now, together with partners, carried out Nonviolence 2023 for the fourth time, starting 2020. This years event focused on strategic analysis in relation to a broad analysis on the state of the world where some challenges and trends got specific attention; militarisation and demilitarisation, autokratisation and democratisation, extractive violence, unsustainable industrialisation and climate justice and sustainable development. The program contained opportunities for activists, organisations, movements, students and scholars to increase their knowledge, dialogue and interactions in

Sustainable Journalism in Practice – International Conference in Nairobi 2023

How can journalism contribute to a sustainable society, and how can journalism/media business be sustainable in itself, environmentally, socially and economically? Those were the main questions discussed at the conference Sustainable journalism in Practice in Nairobi, Kenya, a conference attended by one of ADF’s advisors, Kerstin Engström, associate professor in media and communication studies. Around the globe journalism is faced with the three challenges of climate change, deepening polarisation and media businesses under financial stress. These challenges make it necessary

Nonviolence 2023 – The 4th Annual Forum on Nonviolence in Ubmeje/Umeå October 20th-22nd

Once again Another Development Foundation, together with partners, invite activists, movements and scholars for to Ubmeje/Umeå for a conversation on nonviolence - this time with a focus on strategies for social change, however grounded on ethical values since nonviolence never only can be technical endavour. The program will be carried out at Umeå University and the cultural centre Klossen at Ålidhem in Ubmeje/Umeå. Key organizers are Another Development Foundation, the Study Association Bilda, Swedish Fellowship of Reconcilliation and Women´s International

Dignity for Children and Youth Conference in Calgary, Canada – Participation by Meghan Donevan, Board Member of ADF

February 22nd 2023, ADF's board member Meghan Donevan participated at "Dignity for Children and Youth Conference" organized by FearIsNotLove (Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter) and the Centre for Response Based Practice. The event is one of many international events organized by Centre for Responsed Based Practice in partnership with other organisations. Meg's presentation "The pornification of childhood: Situation, responses and solutions", focused on the multiple ways in which children and youth are being harmed by the pornography industry. She clarified how

Network Meeting and Dialogue in Umeå for Sustainable Transition

Together with Swedish Church, Friends of the Earth and the study association Sensus, Another Development Foundation organized a network meeting for various social movements on sustainable transition. This is what has been communicated in the invitation: "In the challenging times we live in, broad and deep alliances are necessary. We can find common strength in an ecosocial movement for transition to sustainability based on diversity, inclusion and rights for both people and the rest of nature. How can we learn,

Nonviolence 2022 – October 14th-16th – Program is Now Available

Once again Another Development Foundation will organize the annual event Nonviolence - this time October 14th-16th 2022. The theme for this event is "Nonviolent Mobilisation During Times of Crisis" which will be discussed in a research panel at Umeå University October 14th and in panels and workshops at the venue Klossen located at Ålidhem in Umeå October 15th-16th. Organizers, besides of ADF, are Fellowship of Reconcilliation, Women´s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) and the study association Bilda. Partners

Africities 2022 – 9th Summit in Kisumu, Kenya

Another Development Foundation participated at the 9th edition of the Africities Summit in Kisumu May 17th-21st, 2022. The history as background for this participation is complex. First, it was a continuation of process that started with a participation at the 4th edition of the Africities Summit in Nairobi 2006 by Ira Sundberg, Co-founder of Another Development Foundation who then met Yvonne Anyango, Director of Cooperation Arena for Sustainable Development in Africa (CASDA). It was start of long collaboration that involved

Nonviolence 2021 – An Annual Forum for Activist, Movements, Organisations and Scholars

Another Development Foundation is happy to invite activists, social movements and scholars to Nonviolence 2021, November 27nd-28th, 2021 - an annual event on nonviolence in Sweden. Besides of Another Development Foundation, the event is organized by The Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation, the study association Bilda and the swedish section of Women´s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF). Partners in this collaboration are Department of Political Science, Umeå University, Center for Sami Research (Várdduo), Umeå University, Umeå Sami Association and

Nonviolence 2020 – A Meeting Point for Activists, Movements and Scholars

Another Development Foundation was happy to invite activists, social movements and scholars to Nonviolence 2020, November 21st-22nd, 2020. Besides of Another Development Foundation, the event were organized by The Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation and the study association Bilda. Partners in this collaboration were Department of Political Science, Umeå University, Center for Sami Research (Várdduo), Umeå University, Umeå Sami Association and Västerbotten Center for Human Rights. Nonviolence 2020 was the first event in Sweden for nonviolence. Organizers and partners are planning

Conference on Pornography as a Gender Equality Challenge

Another Development Foundation is a proud co-organizer of the whole day event "Pornography - the greatest gender equality challenge of our time?" Together with Talita / Reality Check, Unizon, Sweden's Women's Lobby, the Västerbotten County Administrative Board and The City of Umeå. The event will be held on Thursday, January 30th, 2020. Over the past ten years, pornography has become increasingly serious. Almost all mainstream porn contains abuse, humiliation and sexual violence against women. A new survey from Talita shows

Dignity 2020 in Copenhagen, Denmark – Postponed

Another Development Foundation would have been a proud co-host of DIGNITY 2020 in Copenhagen together with The Centre for Response-Based Practice and Danish Women’s Society’s Shelters. Due to the Corona crisis, we have not been able to invite experts and participants to Copenhagen, May 2020 or January 2021 as we planned. We will come back with more information about this event on a later date. DIGNITY is an international conference that honours dignity and resistance to violence and other forms