Another Development Foundation Talks

Another Development Foundation Talks are lectures and dialogues on themes and questions related to the purpose of the foundation. The talks could be open for the public as well as closed for specially invited people and organisations. The venues for the talks are, and will be, different in terms of geography depending on who the target groups are and which organisations who are willing to cooperate with Another Development Foundation.

Alternativs to Militarisation – Three Voices for Peace

Militarisation is a reality in today´s world, with tremendous effects for people and environment, as well as for the overall trust in the international system. The risks with militarisation are many and serious, and cannot continue since it is a existential threat to all human civilisations. Another Development Foundation work to counter militarisation in partnership with other organisations, for example within the framework of the work with the annual forum "Noviolence 202X" that was launced 2020. This partnership also provide

Another Development Foundation Talk – The War in Ukraine- The Role of Social Movements for Peace and Human Rights

The invasion by Russia on Ukraine has caused a massive response, and outrage, throughout the world. Another Development Foundation invite citizens, organisations and movements to a talk on the war, and on the role for civil society movements working for peace, human rights and nonviolence. The talk is organized as a panel discussion including representatives for 4 of the most well-known peace-, human rights- and nonviolence organisations in Sweden who also are affilitated to international networks; The East Group (Östgruppen),

Another Development Foundation Talk – A Reconnaissance at the Front Lines of Nonviolence Research

February 23rd 2022 ADF and other organisations invited students to an inspiring conversation about nonviolence research, where Stellan Vinthagen, the world's first professor of nonviolent resistance at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA, provided an overview of what happens at the front lines of nonviolence research. Stellan´s observations and reflections were based on his travels and meetings with nonviolence researchers,indigenous peoples, farm workers, anti-racists, climate activists and peace movements around the world. Stellan´s lecture was commented by three peace researchers

Another Development Foundation Talk – Challenges of the Anthroposcene

A lecture by Emeritus Professor Will Steffen, Australian National University (ANU) on the challenges of anthropocene, and a conversation with Keri Facer, Zennström Professor in Climate Change Leadership at Uppsala University and Professor of Educational and Social Futures at the University of Bristol Date and time: October 4th, 2019, 13.00-15.00 Place: Kollaboratoriet, Östra Ågatan 19, Uppsala Another Development Foundation is happy to invite to a lecture by Will Steffen, one of the most well renowned Earth System Scientist, as well

Another Development Foundation Talk on Nonviolence by Stellan Vinthagen and Lotta Sjöström Becker

February 10th, 2018 Another Development Foundation was happy to invite the citizens of The City of Umeå to Another Development Foundation Talk on nonviolence and civil resistance. Key-note speakers were Stellan Vinthagen, Professor in Sociology, University of Gothenburg, Endowed Chair in the study of nonviolent direct action and civil resistance and advisor to Another Development Foundation, and Lotta Sjöström Becker, General Secretary, Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation. The talk concentrated on necessity of nonviolent action and resistance in the contemporary modern

Another Development Foundation Talk on Doing Dignity by Allan Wade and Meghan Donevan

Another Development Foundation were happy to arrange a talk with the title "DOING DIGNITY - Revealing the crucial resistance to violence and how to support survivors of violence in reclaiming their lives" with two of the advisors for the foundation; Alan Wade, The Centre for Responsed-Based Practice, Canada and Meghan Donevan, Talita, Sweden. The talk was organized together with The County Adminstration Board of Västerbotten, The City of Umeå and the study association Bilda. The text below is from the

Another Development Foundation Talk on Anthroposcene – Surviving the Age of Humans by Will Steffen

Another Development Foundation was happy to invite representatives of The City of Umeå, Umeå University, Umeå Institute of Design and Swedish University on Agriculture sciences to a lecture by, and a talk with, Will Steffen, one of the most well renowned Earth System scientists, as well as Honorary Advisor for Another Development Foundation June 11th. During this talk, participants were also be able to talk with the other advisors of Another Development Foundation who have a commitment for sustainable global development,