Another Development Foundation is working with outreach activities for example participation in the public and political debate through articles in newspapers. The foundation is also working for the expansion of the international network meeting potential partners in different regions and countries.

Appeal from Adults Supporting Youth Climate Activists

August 21st 2023 - an appeal by adults supporting youth climate activists were published in one of the biggest newspapers in Sweden - Aftonbladet. The title of the appeal was "Prosecute the Oil Companies - Not Peaceful Climate Activists". It was signed by 1430 adults, above the age of thirty, with different professional affiliations, occupations and life-situations. It was also signed by two of the founders and board members of Another Development Foundation - Ingvar Rönnbäck and Peter Söderström. However,

Arguing for Unarmed and Nonviolent Resistance

After Russians illegal and brutal invasion of Ukraine February 2022 (which has a complex and debated background), those who argued for unarmed and nonviolent resistance were put under pressure due to massive support for militarism and militarisation, especially among western countries, as the only way to counter the violence carried out by Russia towards its neighbour country Ukraine. However, scholars and activist, with a concrete experience of nonviolent civil resistance from different contexts, as well as interest for research on

Appeal From Researchers to The Government of Sweden

June 30th, 606 researchers from Swedish research institutions announced an appeal to the Swedish Government due to their decision from June 22nd to cut all funding for development research from Swedish Research Council. The decision by the government created a strong reaction from the research community, for example in an open appeal in one of the biggest news papers in Sweden; Aftonbladet. The founder of and chair of the board of Another Development Foundation - Ingvar Rönnbäck - was one

Open Letter to the Prime Minister of Sweden

In January 2023, Sweden established a new Institute for Human Rights. In May 2023, a number of representatives for organisations working with and for Human Rights, delivered an open letter to the Prime Minister of Sweden, Mr Ulf Kristersson. Ingvar Rönnbäck, founder of and chair of Another Development Foundation, was one of those who signed the open letter, together with more than 50 representatives for Human Rights organisations. This is letter: Stockholm on 2 May 2023 To Prime Minister Ulf

Manifestation in Umeå February 24th 2023 for Peace and Freedom in Ukraine

February 24th 2023, many events for solidarity with the people of Ukraine due to the Russian invasion a year ago took take place in Sweden Such event also took place in The City of Umeå, Sweden. A number of organisations supported this manifestation in Umeå; Swedish Peace & Arbitration Society, Friend in Umeå, Association for Ukrainians in the County of Västerbotten, Swedish Fellowship of Reconcilliation, Save the Children, Swedish Church and a number of study associations; Bilda, Sensus, ABF, NBV,

Umeå for Antiracism – A Manifestation

It is obvious that racism exists in Sweden, as well as in other countries. It is even more obvious after the last election in Sweden. Racism is not a new phenomenon, and resistance against racism and mobilization for antiracism have always been there in the history of racism. Another Development Foundation was one among many organisations that supported the manifestation "Umeå for Antiracism" Saturday 8th. These were the organisers besides of ADF: Rättighetscentrum Västerbotten, Vän i Umeå, ABF, Skuggteatern, Aktion

A Conversation on Peace Through Nonviolence in relation to the War in Ukraine and in relation to Militarisation

The war in Ukraine has caused reactions throughout the world, and in Sweden as well. Voices for increased military spending and membership in the NATO-alliance have become more vocal. In this conversation, another approach on what to do in relation to the war in Ukraine, and in relation to militarisation in general, was discussed. A central theme for the conversation were on nonviolent resistance during occupation and against dictatorship, even if the conversation provided opportunities for dialogue on peacebuilding as

Sex is Not Work – Fight Demand and End Sexual Exploitation in the Climate Crisis Era

Meg Donevan, Member of the Board of Another Development Foundation, was invited to speak at the Swedish Women's Lobby's Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) Side event, "Sex work is not work - fight demand and end sexual exploitation in the climate crisis era." Meg presented the latest research on the link between sexual exploitation and climate change, drawing on Dr. Melissa Farley and other's work. She described how those most at risk for prostitution are the same individuals

Dialogue on the Fight for Freedom in Belarus

During the event Littfest 2022 (the biggest event in Sweden for litterature) in The City of Umeå March 17th, a special session on the fight for freedom, democracy and human rights was organized by The East Group (Östgruppen). The dialogue was facilitated by Martin Uggla, chair of the board of The East Group. Other participants were Nadja Kandrusevitj-Sjydlouskaja, publisher and translator for books for children, Lesia Rudnik, chair of the board for an association for belarusians in Sweden and Ingvar

Manifestation for Peace – In solidarity with Ukraine, and with all others who are, or have been affected by war

March 19th 12.00-14.00, a manifestation for peace is organized in the city center in Umeå, Sweden. Another Development Foundation has worked together with 12 other organisations for this manifestation to happen. These organisations are; Rädda Barnen, Vän i Umeå, Folkuniversitetet, NBV, ABF, IM, Svenska Kyrkan, Pingstkyrkan, Studiefrämjandet, Azadi and Akut hjälp till Ukraina. Several speeches will be held by: Lars Lustig, The County Administrative Board in Västerbotten, Elisabeth Dahlin, The Ombudsman for Children in Sweden, Anna Jörgensdotter, Author, Ola Nordebo,

Dialogue with Swedish Television on Anthropocene and wicked problems

Another Development Foundation is happy for having the opportunity to have a dialogue with Swedish Television on Anthropocene, wicked problems and human survival, concepts that in itself are complex and open for many interpretation, nevertheless powerful and grounded in theoretical and empirical science. The dialogue took place on a virtual meeting June 10th 2021. Swedish Television, who is the Swedish public service television company, invite people and organisations to contribute with ideas, views, perspectives and knowledge in a dialogue they

Another Development Foundation invited as expert at International Men´s Day by Gender Equality Agency

Peter Söderström, Co-founder and member of the board of Another Development Foundation participated as an expert in the Gender Equality Agency's panel discussion during International Men 's Day on 19 November 2020. Issues focusing on mens violence against women, pornography, mental illness, macho culture and working with role models were highlighted with the aim of emphasizing how boys and men need to be an active part of the work, if we are to achieve a gender equal society. In the panel,