Our Work

In this section we describe our achievements before the foundation was registred, as well as what we do through different methods and ways of working.

Another Development Foundation in Latvia – A Conference on Prevention of Violence Against Women

Peter Söderström, one of the founders of Another Development Foundation and founder of Gender Equality Vision, was commissioned November 30th 2017 by The Embassy of Sweden and Resource Centre Marta to be a Keynote speaker at the international conference "Effective Solutions for Preventing Domestic Violence and Violence against Women" in Riga, Latvia. Peter Söderström talked about the development of the gender transformative violence prevention field internationally, and how it is connected to the Swedish context and experiences of working with different kinds

Garden talk for Another Development in Sweden and African Countries

September 29th 2017 Another Development Foundation invited managers and scholars from African countries and Sweden for a talk on the meaning of another development, challenges and opportunities in our countries in relation to the overall goal of sustainable development with focus on local development. The dialogue also concentrated on factors needed for change, on how partners from different sectors with different roles can be brought to the same table for the improvement of collaboration, but also on how to mobilize

Garden Talk for Another Development and Equitable Health with Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Another Development Foundation hosted representatives from Gunungkidul Regency in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and Center for Rural Medicine in Västerbotten working for equitable health in the framework of a partnership funded by Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD). The talk was held in The City of Umeå September 20th, 2017 with a focus on the relation between another development as a need and vision, and on how work for equitable health can promote sustainable development. Special attention was on challenges, practices

Rethinking Pacifism Conference in New Zeeland

November 22nd-24th 2017 an important international conference on pacifism, revolution, security and politics will be held at University of Otago, New Zeeland. Our chair Ingvar Rönnbäck will participate at this conference with the paper ”Beyond Marginalization of Pacifism and Nonviolence” together with other scholars and activists who are equally committed to nonviolence. The conference is organized by The National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies and supported by Marsden Fund.

Achievements: International Events for Peace, Human Rights and Sustainability

Another Development Foundation is building on past achievements by the founders, for example managing international events for peace, human rights and sustainable development with participants from the whole world. The photo of the Nobel Peace Laureate Rigoberta Menchú from Guatemala is taken at The Swedish Forum for Human Rights in The City of Umeå 2014 - an event initiated and managed by our chair Ingvar Rönnbäck in collaboration with national and regional organizations. Fore more information on achievements from the

Achievements: International Missions and Events on Gender Equality

Another Development Foundation will work with partners from many parts of the world. Peter Söderström, one of the founders, has been commissioned by a variety of employers for different international missions to work for gender euality and for freedom from violence as basic human right. Peter Söderström have worked with many partners in a variety of seetings and cultural environments.  Below there is a list of assignments and projects in which Peter Söderström have been active. 2017 - The Embassy

Achievements: International Development Cooperation

Another Development Foundation recognizes the challenges within and for the field of international development cooperation due to its relation to culture, politics, money and power. However, the way forward is to work for improvements and for a global partnership aiming at sustainable development even if it is difficult. We, the founders, have experience of working within this field and briefly want to describe our experiences and achievements. This is a list based on the experience of our Chair Ingvar Rönnbäck:

Achievements: Building Relations and Knowledge with African Partners

Another Development Foundation is active in the field of building inter- and transnational collaboration for sustainable development. All founders have experience in this field from the entry point of their profiles. Ira Sundberg has been an advisor in different projects and relations in most of all Kenya where she also lived from time to time and supported Swedish and Kenyan organisations to finding opportunities together.  This is a list of projects and arenas where she have played an active role

Achievements: Analysis, Dissemination and Outreach

Another Development Foundation will be a platform for people and organisations with an interest for collaboration, learning and change. This includes analysis, dissemination and outreach as well as reflection on and analysis of what information that is already available and what is done by other organizations. As active citizens and sholars we as founders are experienced in information analysis as well as on writing various reports, documents, material, articles, books etc. This is a list of publications produced by our

Achievements: Investigations, Studies, Reports and Articles on Gender Equality

Another Development Foundation will be active in building activities and processes on a broad frame of knowledge, both theoretical and practical, written and gathered by others. One of the founders - Peter Söderström - have actively been part of the development of knowledge with a focus on developing improved conditions for a gender equal society, with a specific focus on men´s violence against women and children. Down below are some of the tasks Peter Söderström has been commissioned to conduct

Achievements: Education for Peace, Human Rights and Sustainability

As founders of this organization we acknowledge the importance of education, listening, collaboration and learning when working for sustainable global development in all its dimensions. This acknowledgement is also well stated in the Sustainable Development Goals (for example Goal No.4), The UNESCO Roadmap for Implementing the Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development (GAP) and in UN conventions on Human Rights. This is a list of achievements in the area of education in different organizations by our Chair Ingvar

Achievements: Education and Training for Gender Equality

Another Development Foundation is working from the basis of an integrated gender perspective, both internally in the organization and externally in projects and with partners. One of the founders - Peter Söderström - has skills and experience as an educator, trainer and lecturer been requested in the field of gender equality, and specifically men's violence against women and children, with a critical perspective on masculinity and focus on gender transformative violence prevention. Down below is examples of the missions Peter